[rt-users] Scripted creation of Outlook / Exchange tasks?

lists_rt lists_rt at amnesiamachine.com
Wed Aug 8 20:25:04 EDT 2007

Hello folks!

First off, I want to thank Best Practical for their brilliant system
that made my life ten times easier.

My question: has anyone ever scripted the generation of Outlook tasks
from a *nix platform, either through some dandy Perl/Python/Ruby/etc.
module or by manually piecing together the necessary message components
in a script and sending it via SMTP?

I found the following link regarding the creation of Outlook calendar


I'm working to integrate the calendaring functionality into a custom
scrip.  However, I've been unable to find a similar resource regarding
tasklist entries instead of calendar entries.  (Our staff have
BES-integrated Blackberries welded to their hips, so Exchange task and
calendar integration makes RT even more valuable to us.)

I know I can use some painful VBscript hacks running on a Windows box to
pull the data I need from RT and sling it at Exchange, but I would
really, really like to keep this tidy and located on a single (Linux) box :)

Any pointers would be much appreciated.



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