[rt-users] Query to find open tkts where customer hasn't been replied to

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Thu Aug 9 08:34:58 EDT 2007

You could see about perhaps modifying Tim Bishop's rt-remind script to
do what you want.  As written, it is primarily set to remind owners when
their tickets exceed a specified priority but you may be able to change
it to fire X hours after the customer last replied.



Gary Oberbrunner wrote:
> James Moseley wrote:
>> Additionally, you probably want to use a status of 'new'.  New tickets mean
>> they haven't been touched.  Of course, new tickets don't have a 'Told'
>> value.  If a ticket is open, it's been touched in some manner, but it
>> doesn't mean that the customer has been responded to...
>> Are you looking for tickets that have never been touched but are more than
>> an hour old, or you trying to identify all open tickets that simply haven't
>> been updated within the last hour?
> Thanks for the reply, James.
> Not that it hasn't been updated, but specifically the customer updated
> the ticket (via email normally) and nobody's answered them.  They're
> waiting for a response.  I don't care if a ticket hasn't been updated
> for a couple of days, as long as we were the last ones to email the
> customer (i.e. the ball's in their court).
> If there were specific ticket states for who last updated the ticket
> that would help.  Or if I could check LastUpdatedBy <> Owner that would
> do it too.
> Isn't this a common thing, to want to find the open tickets that aren't
> being handled in a timely fashion?
> == Gary
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