[rt-users] Restricted users do not see full listing of "10 newest unowned tickets"

Bernd Gonsior bgo at freeplexx.de
Tue Aug 14 05:28:25 EDT 2007


at the start-page is a box showing the "10 newest unowned tickets".
Although there is quite a number of such tickets sometimes less than
10 tickets are shown at this page.

It seems, that this occurs only if a user with restrictions is logged

If that user goes to the next page there also only a subset of the
possible 10 results is shown.

A user without restrictions does see all possible 10 ticket-entries
per page.

Additional the 'TotalFound-counter' shows the same number of found
tickets for the restricted and for the non-restricted user. Of course,
the number of unowned tickets depends on the ticket-status and not on
the user-rights. But that's a bit confusing for the restricted
users. It would be less confusing for them if they would see only the
total of that tickets they are allowed to see.

Does anybody know how to show
1. all possible 10 ticket-entries per page regardless whether user's
right's are restricted or not
2. in case of restricted user's the total of that tickets the user is
allowed to see

We are using RT 3.4.5.

Thanks in advance,
Bernd Gonsior

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