[rt-users] RT-WinXP-Apache-Oracle10g-ActivePERL

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Thu Aug 16 02:55:53 EDT 2007

Lutz, Thomas W. wrote:
> I’m trying to get RT installed on an XP-SP2 box using Oracle10g.  I 
> can’t seem to be able to get the manual install to go.  I have used the 
> 3^rd party installers to get it working but none of them install for 
> Oracle, only mySQL.  I started out trying to manually install the 
> application using the supplied documents from the wiki but am missing 
> something.
> Does anyone have a step-by-step for installing RT on a box with Oracle 
> 10g?  Or any suggestions that might be beneficial?
If you have a working installation agains MySQL then it should be 'easy' 
  to switch to Oracle.
The only difference is the use of DBD::Oracle instead of DBD::MySQL, so 
theoretically installing DBD::Oracle should do the trick. Ofcourse 
you'll need to adapt RT_SiteConfig.pm to reflect this change and you 
would need to make sure that you can connect using DBD::Oracle to your 
Oracle instance.
The problem you'll face will be if there is a binary DBD::Oracle 
available for you ActivePerl version.

Good luck,


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