[rt-users] Remove RT signature from subject line

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Fri Aug 17 14:38:36 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I thought I'd seen this somewhere before, but I can't find the answer in my 
archives or the wiki.

I want to use a template to send an e-mail, but I don't want the have the 
ticket info prepended to the original subject line.

All of the e-mail coming into a particular queue address should be either 
generated by a web app or be a reply to an RT-generated e-mail.  If an 
e-mail comes in that is not related to an existing ticket or is not a new 
ticket from the web app, it was sent to the wrong address and I want to 
forward it to what I think the intended address is.  I'm able to make the 
generated mail look like the original mail (original from line, replaced 
reply-to, original content) except for the "[MyOrg #2345] " that gets 
pasted to the front of the subject line.  There's probably a trick to 
sending mail without it, but I haven't stumbled across it yet.


Gene LeDuc, GSEC
Security Analyst
San Diego State University 

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