[rt-users] RT stops sending mails to ticket requestors

Christopher Kunz chrislist at de-punkt.de
Wed Aug 22 04:34:23 EDT 2007


we have been running RT for several years now with great results (around 60K
tickets so far). However, our RT installation recently started to display a
weird behavior:

If a new requestor (has never before opened a ticket with their mail address,
thus unknown to RT) starts a new ticket, they get the usual auto-reply and the
ticket is forwarded to the watchers.
If one of them answers via e-mail, the reply is sent to the other watchers and
shows in the web-based ticket view, but it is not sent to the requestor.
If one of the watchers answers via the web-based ticket view, the answer is
forwarded to the other watchers AND the requestor.
For each additional ticket that the (then no longer unknown) requestor opens
with our RT, they do not even receive the auto-reply that is supposed to be
sent. They also don't receive any replies sent via e-mail.

I looked into the mail server logs and it can't be a transport problem since the
mails aren't even queued - RT just doesn't send them. There are no recent
changes on either RT, the local Perl version or OS that coincide with this odd

Any pointers?


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