[rt-users] Input from any other University or similar

Matthew Keller kellermg at potsdam.edu
Thu Aug 23 09:56:12 EDT 2007


This probably doesn't answer your question, and is mainly just for
people searching for "university"/higher-ed deployments.

We're using RT for all IT ticketing/tracking on campus. Internally, our
people love it. Externally, there has been some confusion with e-mails
coming from people (eg. me) but not from my e-mail address: But that's a
bootstrapping/eduction->re-education->re-re-education issue. In general,
the external response has been very positive as well.

We're looking hard at how to bring in other non-IT areas that have
ticketing and tracking needs. Getting RT to use Oracle RAC as its
database is a next step for us, before we can offer the kind of
performance and reliability we insist on before bringing others in. I
have been playing with having multiple RT application servers in front
of a database - The app servers are running differently branded copies
of the same RT - So IT looks different from Building & Grounds looks
different from Security looks different from ... but they share the
tracking database, so ticket numbers never overlap, and there is a
common repo for reports to run off, and you can link/refer tickets
"across" ticketing systems (B&G needs to electrically wire a room, but
needs IT to provide phone/data cabling who in turn need Purchasing to
approve a PO ... All using "different" RT instances visually customized
for their workflow).

Matthew Keller
Information Security Officer & Network Administrator
Computing & Technology Services
State University of New York @ Potsdam
Potsdam, NY, USA

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