[rt-users] RT Ticket Counts and why they differ

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 27 17:30:35 EDT 2007

On Aug 27, 2007, at 5:08 PM, Shawn Scantland wrote:

> So just a quick question so that I can put my mind to rest.  Why is  
> the ticket count for created tickets on any one particular day  
> different when you compare the data in the database to what's  
> coming out of the API?
> will return 12 as the count of tickets.  Now if I were to take into  
> account that the database stores datetime in localtime but the API  
> wants to use UTC for the days

RT stores ALL dates as UTC in the database. My first guess would be  
ACLs (are you root? Are there deleted tickets?)
Have you compared the missing tickets to see if there are commonalities?

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