[rt-users] Accessing requestors' names

Schincke, Keith D. (JSC-IT)[MEI] Keith.D.Schincke at nasa.gov
Tue Aug 28 10:42:43 EDT 2007

Hey Tim,

The inspiration for this answer came from the RT code
It should march through all of the requestors of the ticket and add
their RealName or email address to user list array. This array will then
be joined into a scaler. You could either work with each user as they
are looked up at line 6, do something with the array after the while at
line 9 or the list as a string on line 10.

1: my @names ;
2: my $people = $Ticket->Requestors->UserMembersObj;
3: while (my $requestor=$people->Next) 
4: {
5:   next if $requestor->Privileged;
6:   my $name=$requestor->RealName || $requestor->EmailAddress;
7:   push( @names, name ) ;
8: }
10: $name_list = join( ',' @names ) ;

I have not tested this yet this morning but it looks like Perl to me.

Good luck,


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Hey all,

Is it possible to print the full name of a ticket's requestor in a
template? Bonus points for gracefully handling multiple requestors. :-)


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