[rt-users] Behavior of ticket's AdminCC vs. queue's AdminCC

Robert Long rlong at bluegecko.net
Tue Aug 28 18:14:40 EDT 2007

Fran Fabrizio wrote:
> My real problem is this...
> Goal: Have every member of the sysadmin group get a copy of an email
> when a ticket comes in with no owner.
> Overkill Solution: Add sysadmin as an AdminCC for the queue and do a On
> Create Notify AdminCCs as Comment.

Just create a script:

Condition:  On create
Action: Notify Other Recipients
Template: <make up something creative>

And for the aforementioned template:
### begin ####
To: systemadmins at yourdomain
Subject:  {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}: {$Ticket->Subject}

anything you type here will end up in the email before the ticket

### end ###

If you want to manage the group of sysadmins in RT and not as an email
list/alias, last week there was a thread - 'Seeking notification method
advice' - that I think will have what you want in there.  As for the 'no
owner' part, you could create a custom action that checks if there is an
owner or not (and that the transaction type is create...), though you
might have to run it in the transactionBatch mode...


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