[rt-users] Ticket content not displayed / content not generated properly (RT 3.4.5)

Gunnar Gorges gunnar.gorges at zmaw.de
Fri Jun 1 05:45:23 EDT 2007


I am facing a strange issue using RT 3.4.5 running on Debian Etch/Apache2:

A user today informed me that comments he send are not shown in the
ticket-display even though the mails were sent correctly. The ticket
would just stop with an old transaction.

What I found out after some research was that:
1. the content of his mails are found through RT's ticket search
(Content contains) in the correct ticket (but not displayed).
2. viewing the html source-code of the tickets page it seems like it was
not generated properly (i.e. the </BODY> tag is missing).
3. every time I try to view the page an apache2-child process seems to
crash: "[notice] child pid 12283 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)".
4. the user said he copied html-code to the mail he sent (I don't know
if that is important/part of the problem since this worked fine before)

Has anyone seen this before?

I hope the provided information is sufficient...
Thanks in advance,

Gunnar Gorges
Central IT Services - ZMAW
Mail: gunnar.gorges at zmaw.de
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41173 361

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