[rt-users] RT windows version backup

Malcolm Tester malcolm at directfinancialsolutions.com
Thu Jun 7 17:13:33 EDT 2007

 I agree with Jesse 100%.  However, if you are forced to stay on
Windows, there is a folder named C:\Program Files\request
tracker\Common\mysql\bin\ (assuming you did a default install) and in
that folder is a file named mysqldump.exe.  Do a google on that for how
to use it, but in a nutshell, assuming the above path is correct for
you, the command you want is:

"C:\Program Files\request tracker\Common\mysql\bin\mysqldump"
--user=root --opt --skip-lock-tables --single-transaction
--default-character-set=binary --port=8285 --databases rt3 >

In the above command, the root password is assumed to be blank.  Add in
a --password=xxxxx for the password as well if you changed it.

This command backs up your database and dumps it to a file named
'rt_win.sql'.  If you have done no custom development with RT, then that
is all you need to back up.  If you have, then just make a copy of the
folder above.

To re-import the database into Windows, you need the following command:

"C:\Program Files\request tracker\Common\mysql\bin\mysqlimport"
--user=root --default-character-set=binary --port=8285 --delete rt3 <

Again, add in the --password=XXXX option if the root password is not

I have not used the Windows mysqlimport program myself, so I'm giving
you my best guess based on the help options of the program.  I found a
good program for working directly with the mysql data in Windows is
'Navicat MySQL'.  Only use that if you know your way around mysql

If you choose to migrate to Linux, again, that is the best choice.  I
have written a bash script that can get you up and running with 3.6.3
from Windows.


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On Jun 1, 2007, at 2:42 PM, Jim Bureau wrote:

> Hello,
> We are using WinRT 3.4.5 (from SecureScout). Does anyone know what 
> files/folders that we should backup in WinRT? We would like to run a 
> backup every evening.

SecureScout aren't really members of the RT community. They don't seem
to even read the mailing lists. It _looks like_ they're just repackaging
the work Audrey Tang did to package RT for Windows a few years ago, but
we don't know for sure.  Generally, we'd strongly recommend you deploy
RT on a Unix/Linux/OSX platform rather than their somewhat out of date
Windows packages.


> To go along with that, does anyone know how to import data back into 
> RT (if we ever had to rebuild the server)?
> Thanks again,
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