[rt-users] Possible Dumb Question concerning rights

John BORIS jboris at adphila.org
Fri Jun 8 09:33:23 EDT 2007

Hi all,
Today a user was entering an Asset and couldn't change the value of one
of the fields in the asset. I went into the configuration and found the
field and then gave any privileged user the Authority to see the field
and modify the field. She also told me she created two blank tickets in
a Queue that she didn't have rights to.
So I guess I have my permissions screwed up.

My question is do I have to assign specific permissions to every field
on a ticket or asset?  The RT Essentials book really doesn't explain
user rights in a way that I can understand it. Is there an example
somewhere that shows how to assign rights to users?  


John J. Boris, Sr.
JEN-A-SyS Administrator
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"Remember! That light at the end of the tunnel
Just might be the headlight of an oncoming train!"

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