[rt-users] Custom Field format

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Wed Jun 13 12:45:31 EDT 2007

Hi Kenn,

I can't see that there is a "Date" option for custom fields in 3.6.3 
either, although there is an available validation format 
"(?#Year)^[12]\d{3}$" that requires entries to begin with a 4-digit year 
from either this or last century.  I don't recognize what the "(?#Year)" at 
the beginning of the regexp means though.


At 04:40 PM 6/12/2007, Kenneth Crocker wrote:
>To all,
>         I am on 3.4.4 and cannot seem to find a way to define a custom 
> field in the 'date' format. Is this possible on 3.4.4? Do I have to 
> upgrade to 3.6.3 for this? thanks.
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