[rt-users] Does RT have an email address book option/solution?

Mark Grob grobm at vrshell.com
Wed Jun 13 09:07:44 EDT 2007

I searched the Wiki and was no able to find the answer. If I missed it 
please shoot me the link. But I checked the Wiki well.

Could RT have a local user profile address book of common emails, 
ideally with an auto fill based on caching or a look up feature?

I noticed that People feature in the ticket menu does allow me to search 
any prior emails or names that are in the RT system. Is it possible to 
link into this for the CC: field when my techs are contacting a separate 
party for additional information?

System background:
The RT system is running with Exchange as the primary mail service in 
the company environment.

Current Idea on solution:
I was considering a local replication to the LDAP mail service on the RT 
server but I was wondering if there is a simpler or better idea/solution.

Thanks In Advance,

-Mark Grob

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