[rt-users] ImageAutoResize in RT 3.6.3

Baytalskiy, Sal Sal.Baytalskiy at AIG.com
Thu Jun 14 15:40:40 EDT 2007

Thanks Justin!
Worked out great!


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This is what I did on 3.6.3: 

copy share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments to

then at around link 156 there is the code that display an image:

    # if it's an image, show it as an image
    elsif ( $RT::ShowTransactionImages and  $message->ContentType =~
/^image\//i ) {
        $m->out('<img src="'
              . $AttachPath . '/'
              . $Transaction->Id . '/'
              . $message->Id
              . '/" />' );

well I just added a 'width=90%' declaration and it seems to work fine for me

    # if it's an image, show it as an image
    elsif ( $RT::ShowTransactionImages and  $message->ContentType =~
/^image\//i ) {
        $m->out('<img width=90% src="'
              . $AttachPath . '/'
              . $Transaction->Id . '/'
              . $message->Id
              . '/" />' );



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On 7 May 2007, at 08:34, Baytalskiy, Sal wrote:


I found an article on automatic image resizing for RT 3.2 on the Wiki.

However it talks about some files that seem to be very different in RT 3.6.3
that i'm running.

Is there a way to automatically scale attached images to the ticket's
display width?

Thanks !

Sal Baytalskiy

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