[rt-users] Question about Dates in DB

Justin Brodley jbrodley at sumtotalsystems.com
Tue Jun 19 15:10:47 EDT 2007

That would be great especially when dealing with reporting applications, having a value there makes them more complex, as I have to set "not equals" statements. 

Justin Brodley 

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Yes, 1/1/1970 is equal to 'Not set', but I think you have to expect
this to be changed to real NULL as I have very strong wish to change
it as NULLs are clearer, easier for development and more flexible.
Hope we'll have time to do it before 3.8.0

On 6/19/07, Stephen Turner <sturner at mit.edu> wrote:
> At Tuesday 6/19/2007 11:26 AM, Justin Brodley wrote:
> >I'm working on some reports for our RT database, and I'm noticing
> >that fields get populated with 1/1/1970 if there is nothing entered
> >into the DB.
> >
> >Is this accurate assessment?  If so can I just assume that 1/1/1970 = null?
> >
> Yes, that's right. One other twist, if I recall correctly, (it may
> depend on what database you use- we run Oracle) is that sometimes
> null dates are stored as null in the database. So you may have to
> allow for both null and 1/1/1970 as meaning "no date set".
> Steve
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