[rt-users] Adding an image, tables cut off

Brandi L maristbrandi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 10:21:24 EDT 2007

Hi everyone!

I have two issues here that I'm trying to solve.

FIrstly, I'm trying to add an image to the login page. Its just a logo,
nothing fancy, just for the look of the thing. Here is what I've done...

-First, I put the image in html/NoAuth/images

-To my RT_SiteConfig.pm file I've added the following code:
 Set( $WebImagesURL , $WebPath . "/NoAuth/images/");
 Set( $LoginImageURL, $WebImagesURL . "Helpdesk_Fox.gif");
 Set( $LoginAltText, "Help Desk Fox");

-Then, I added the following code to html/Elements/Login:
 <img src="<%$RT::LoginImageURL%>" alt="<% loc($RT::LoginAltText) %>" />

The image doesn't show up, though. All I get is the box with the x in it and
the LoginAltText. After I made the changes I stopped httpd, cleared the
mason cache, and started httpd again.

My other problem is the fact that in Internet Explorer (but not in Firefox)
the right side of my tables is getting cut off when using the
3.4-compatstylesheets (see screen print link below). Has anyone else
seen this
Screen print of cut off

Does anyone have any suggestions? Help is, as always, greatly appreciated.


Brandi L
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