R: [rt-users] Incoming mail stuck in MTA

Gianluca Cecchi gcecchi at peviani.it
Thu Jun 21 11:40:09 EDT 2007

I think you should check your /var/spool/mqueue directory.
for every mail not already sent you should find a qf* file and a df* one.
one for the contents/data of the e-mail (df) and one for the information pertinent with the e-mail delivery itself (qf).
checking them you could delete the e-mail files you need to.
See also


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	I'm using Postfix with a Cent OS install on my RT 3.6.3 box. I recently setup a bunch of new queues and accidently had a typo on one of the queues in the /etc/aliases file. I sent a test email to that queue and obviously it errored out since no queue of that name existed. I fixed the problem in my aliases file and all is well with the world except that I keep getting an error in my maillog because the mail gate keeps trying to process this message that can't be delivered to a queue that doesn't exist. 


	Where can I find this message and delete it on the system?




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