[rt-users] Phantom Reminder

Dando - Email.it dando at email.it
Fri Jun 22 09:44:00 EDT 2007

John Arends wrote:
> I found the problem in the database, and the ticket had been moved to
> another queue. Changing the queue for the reminder to match solved the
> problem.
> This is a bug then. If a ticket is moved to another queue, its reminders
> should be moved also.
> Meanwhile after spending some time in the database I have a better idea
> of how RT stores things internally.

Hello All.
I too have experienced this problem (RT 3.6.3) - Reminders that show in the
homepage but not in their ticket when the queue is changed.
I poked around in the code and I found in lib/Reminders.pm, line 43:

my $query = 'Queue = "'. $self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Name .'" AND Type =

and the query explicitally limits the reminders to the ones that are in the same
queue of the ticket. The homepage shows all because the query is different.

Since queue changes happen quite often at my site and we have a number of
'phantom' reminders.

The most obvious solution seems to simply remove the limiting in the query.
Has anyone had a similar problem / are there any patches for fixing it?


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