[rt-users] RT3 Windows and ODBC for Reporting

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If I remember correctly MySQL does NOT allow for remote connections out of the box, you'll have to enable this in the config file.  Although this link doesn't mention Windows, it will be very similar


DISCLAIMER: I am not a MySQL expert, the information provided above was a best effort answer, no guarantees are made on its accuracy or its results :)

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I'm trying to use the MySQL ODBC driver to connect to my server [on the same IP backbone - no firewalls] so I can pull data and create some reports from RT3.
This is the RT3 Windows port. I'm not sure if that makes a big difference on reaching it via the ODBC driver, though.
I can install the ODBC driver on the same system and reach the database, but not on another computer. I've tried setting up the "server" field with the IP address of the server hosting RT3/MySQL, and making sure the port is set to 8285. The settings have successfully worked when installed/setup on the server (localhost).
But all I receive when I do this from another computer is a SQL_ERROR.  
Does anyone have any idea what newbie cheeseball thing I've forgotten to do? Any help appreciated as always.

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