[rt-users] Problems editing Saved Search for Unowned Tickets

Brian Buchanan BrianBuchanan at interfast.ca
Mon Jun 25 11:18:04 EDT 2007

I'm running RT 3.6.3 and after creating a Development queue, I wanted to
restrict the "Unowned" report to just the General queue but lost the links after
my attempt.

I logged in as root, Clicked the "Edit" link on "RT at a glance" page, then
clicked the "You can also edit the predefined search itself: Search - Unowned
Tickets" link which took me to the Query Builder.

I added the condition "AND Queue = 'General'" and clicked save.

My links disappeared from the results on the "at a glance" page.

I found the "RepairSarches" page on the wiki, repaired the report, tried the
change again and lost the links again.

In the end, I just edited the repair file to include the condition and got what
I wanted, but should the links be lost just by editing the conditions, or is
this a bug in the Query Builder??

RepairSearchs page on the Wiki:



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