[rt-users] Public Interface

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Thu Jun 28 19:09:28 EDT 2007

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On May 14, 2007, at 11:20 AM, Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>> I recently start to use RT for tracking bugs and issues in projects 
>> for my customers. Now I would like to extend this to open source 
>> software,
>> where everyone should be able to view and comment on tickets.
>> Questions:
>> 1. How can I setup a "guest" account for unauthorized users like on 
>> rt.cpan.org ?
> Have a look at these distributions in the RT svn repository.
>     RT-BugTracker/
>     RT-BugTracker-Public/

The latter one bugs out on RT 3.6.1 (Debian packages from etch) with:

System error
error:  	Error during compilation of 
Variable "$session" is not imported at 
/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/html/Callbacks/BugTracker-Public/autohandler/Default line 3.
Global symbol "$session" requires explicit package name at 
/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/html/Callbacks/BugTracker-Public/autohandler/Default line 3.

1:  	<%init>
2:  	if ( $session{'CurrentUser'}->Name eq $RT::WebPublicUser
3:  	or defined $session{'BitcardUser'} or defined $session->{'CurrentUser'}->{'OpenID'} )
4:  	{
5:  	# This is a public user, we only want them going to /Public/
6:  	#
7:  	# The following logic is very similar to the priv/unpriv logic
code stack:  	/usr/share/perl5/HTML/Mason/Interp.pm:445
raw error

Any advice ?


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