[rt-users] [Fwd: [fsck.com #8625] Bug found: no documentation on REST interface]

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Sat Nov 3 22:57:41 EDT 2007

Todd schrieb:
> He has a blog... http://www.shinmashii.net/  Sounds like he is a very 
> unpleasant person in most areas of his life and not liked by many.

Yeah, but he's defintely the "Brian Kroger" who made that "bug report".

If we continue to post in this thread (mentioning his name: Brian 
Kroger), even more Google hits will point his name to it (it's not a 
very common name, it seems).
So his future employers get a good idea of him ;-)

Hm. The SSL Certificate on his site lists his location as "Des Moines, 
I wonder, which one of these:
he actually works for?

Hm. Found his profile here:
He could have smiled, at least.
(He somehow created two profiles there, one short one and a longer one)

The last time he got some attention was here, I think:

(Found via this posting: 
http://readlist.com/lists/gentoo.org/gentoo-user/18/90452.html - 
ironically, the poster also has a surname of "Vincent" - can you believe 
That one's homepage is at http://daevid.com/ - it also lists some other 
social networking sites that he's a member of. I'd hazard a guess that 
somewhere in these contacts, we may also find Mr. Kroger (and thus very 
likely the company he's working for). I am not a member of these sites 
(and don't plan to sign up just for that, but if you're already 

So, Bryan, here's your 15 minutes of fame.
Good luck with the rest of your life.


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