[rt-users] One Performance problem identified

Mathew Snyder theillien at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 11:44:00 EST 2007


As I stated before, our tables are using InnoDB.  No particular reason, just the
default which wasn't changed.  If I use the InnoDB specific file
(my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf) located in /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-xx and restart
the server, I lose everything when I refresh my screen.  I can no longer access
RT at a glance.  Instead, it appears that I'm dumped to the self-service screen.
 How can I change mysqld to use this .cnf without breaking RT?

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Jesse Vincent wrote:
>> SELECT GET_LOCK('Apache-Session-d279953494e7dcbbaca2e566a94002f2', 3600);
>> Why is it taking so long to get a lock on a table?  I know it isn't taking
> It's not a table lock. it's a session lock. As in Apache::Session
> lcoking that row for the duration of an HTTP request.
>> forever to actually query the database because the page loaded almost
>> immediately after the above query completed.  We're using InnoDB as opposed to
>> MyISAM.  Might that have something to do with it?
>> Any thoughts on this?
>> Mathew
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