[rt-users] rt-mailgate and RT at https with selfsigned certificate

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 9 10:04:52 EST 2007

At Thursday 11/8/2007 06:48 AM, Stefan Oeser - emendis GmbH wrote:
>   I ran into problems with setting up RT3 on https. I configured 
> some Ticket-Transaction via Mail in RT3.
>With http-Protocol, all things work fine, but rt-mailgate has some 
>troubles with the httpS-Protocol. I always get
>an Error: "Connection refused". All needed modules (Crypt::SSLeay) 
>are installed. Is it possible, that there are
>some difficulties with the selfsigned certificate?
>Using a browser to enter my RT3, I need to accept some Popup-Windows 
>and accept the certificate manually,
>perhaps, rt-mailgate doesn't accept the certificate automatically, 
>which results in the mentioned error??
>I would be very grateful for some help  :)
>Best regards,
>Stefan Oeser

Hello Stefan,

The way we've done this is to have apache listen on two ports for SSL 
connections. 443 requires certificates, 444 does not (i.e. 
username/password access). We use 444 for the mailgate connection.


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