[rt-users] Mandatory CustomFields

Mario Gomide mario.gomide at agricultura.gov.br
Mon Nov 12 09:01:25 EST 2007

Hi list!

I have RT 3.6.1 installed, and I want to make a few things.

I have managed to make the Subject field to be mandatory by using 
JavaScript (it is working fine!).
I also want to make my CustomFields mandatory VIA JavaScript. I know I 
can do that in the CF configuration, but i really need a JavaScript 
pop-up alert. Specially because I can define the criteria of validation.

A part of my js looks like this (header part of Ticket/Create.html):

if (form.XXXXX.value == "YYYY" ) {
        alert( "MESSAGE" );
        return false;

Where XXXXX is the field name. I've tried the CustomFields here, but I 
don't know what the names of the these fields are... (I even tried 
"Object-RT%3A%3ATicket--CustomField-17-Value" but it didn't work)

Any ideas?
Mario Gomide

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