[rt-users] RT suddenly no longer works (blank titleless page for everything, no errors in apache)

Michael Archer archermic at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 13 08:55:06 EST 2007

> We are using RT 3.6.5 on CentOS 5 (x86_64) running inside two Xen
> virtual machines, themselves running on CentOS (x86_64).  Perl version
> is 5.8.8 (build 10), mod_perl is version 2.0.2 (build 6.3).  All CPAN
> dependencies are okay, verified with sbin/rt-test-dependencies.

We are using the same RT with RHEL4 (x86_64) with no virtualization in
between and now have the same problem.

Seems that the infrastructure staff had updated the perl.rpm a few
weeks ago and we did not notice at first because apache has been up
for many months now (all config changes always applied "gracefully").

Today we had to restart apache "properly" for the first time in months
and now see the same thing - no error messages, no logs any more,
empty pages and RT offers the main URL as "httpd/unix-directory", the
bookmarked pages are all returned empty (with a 200 result code but
zero length in the log files).

We are desperately in need of ideas now!


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