[rt-users] scrips suddenly stop triggering

Dr John Halewood - Sumo Technologies john at sumotech.com
Mon Nov 19 19:36:57 EST 2007

Embarrassingly following up my own post (and using lookout as well), the
problem was caused by 
a separate system upgrade which clobbered Scalar::Util with the default (on
RedHat anyway) perl distro one which doesn't contain Scalar::Util::weaken.
Reinstalling this and restarting apache solved the problem. It wasn't
obvious at first as when I re-ran 'make testdeps' from my original install
point, it told me that everything necessary was installed. Of course, this
doesn't run to meta-dependencies or dependencies of... etc etc. Thought
about how you could try to provide complete test coverage on this for a
while but then my brain hurt, and I remembered what perl -MCPAN -e shell;
was for.


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