[rt-users] Grouping Custom Fields

Ian Petts ipetts at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 21:55:10 EST 2007

I am new to RT and have been tasked with a project I am finding rather

We are running RT 3.4.4 and need to ensure certain fields are
completed before a ticket can be closed. Searching the list archives
it appears that making certain fields mandatory was added in a more
recent version, but I managed to find a scrip I can use with our
current version that allows RT to re-open a ticket if certain fields
have a particular value (null value in this case). This is working

The problem I am encountering however is that there is a requirement
to have these particular fields separate from the other custom fields
in RT. What we need is to have custom fields a, b and c in the Basics
view and fields d, e and f (although more than likely non-sequential)
on another page. We also don't need or want to see "d, e and f" during
the ticket creation process, as these fields are only relevant to
ticket closure. (They are in fact relating to having updated network
diagrams and documentation).

I have what I consider to be a nasty hack working to do this at the
moment; I've added a "Checklist" item to the tab bar, pointing to a
copy of the EditCustomFields element and have a perl hash containing
the names of the fields I want on this form. As we loop around the "my
$CustomField = $CustomFields->Next()" portion of the EditCustomFields,
it simply performs a perl "next" if the field is not in the hash. For
the original EditCustomFields element, the opposite is true; it
processes the next field if the current field IS in the hash.

I will likely attempt upgrading to the latest version of RT in the
future, however at this time I am currently not comfortable enough
with the software or environment to attempt to do so.

Is there a cleaner and simpler way to achieve separation of particular
custom fields in RT 3.4.4?

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