[rt-users] SLA timers?

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Thu Nov 22 03:06:29 EST 2007

Wouter van den Bergh wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering is its possible to create an SLA with for example 8 
> hours, and that when some one creates a ticket, they select the SLA, and 
> a timer go’s running with that ticket that shows how much time is left 
> on working on the ticket. Is this possible in RT, and if yes,  is there 
> some documentation on this I can read about?
I read all posts on this thread and it looks like you're looking at a 
variable amount of Queues and SLA's combined together.
One way of solving this might involve scrips and customfields maybe 
together with the RT extension Assets.
We use something like the above to administer how much hours are spend 
on task for clients and how much hours the have bought in advance. Hours 
booked on  a ticket are automatically  subtracted from an asset and 
through the use of customfields of that assets it will fire/set 
additional customfields, create tickets.


PS: to Wouter,

If you need to talk to someone in Dutch,  ;-)
,  about it, feel free to contact me

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