[rt-users] Scrip condition input request

Mathew Snyder theillien at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 26 06:51:03 EST 2007

I have a global scrip which applies to all of our queues.  It basically forces
the status of a ticket to 'new' when it is moved to a different queue.  For the
most part this works well.  However, I have a group which has "ownership" of two
queues.  One is our triage queue and the other is a queue for operational support.

Sometimes, a person will take ownership of a ticket prior to moving it from
triage.  If this happens, it makes setting the status back to new moot since the
original owner will likely retain ownership and continue working on the ticket.

With that in mind I'm trying to devise a condition which will check if the new
queue is the ops support queue and if the current owner is a: not Nobody and b:
has the right to own a ticket in the ops support queue.  Currently, the
condition for this scrip is 'On Queue Change'.  In order to enact these other
conditions, will I have to use a custom condition and incorporate the
functionality of 'On Queue Change' or can I add the conditions to the Custom
action preparation code field and use it as an additional check?

Or, can I simply use an 'unless' conditional in the Custom action cleanup code

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