[rt-users] clean up user table

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Tue Nov 27 12:43:32 EST 2007

Try to combine no_tickets option with another option.

On Nov 27, 2007 12:29 AM, Gordon Messmer <gmessmer at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> A while back I inherited an RT3 installation that used the mail gateway
> without any filtering.  For several years, the users manually "deleted"
> tickets from their queues every day.  Naturally, this let to some very
> bloated tables in the SQL database.  I was able to use RTx-Shredder to
> remove all of the "deleted" tickets, which pruned the tickets,
> attachments, and transactions tables.  However, even with the newest
> RTx-shredder and RT3, the "users" module won't help me delete users who
> aren't associated with tickets.
> Under ideal conditions, RT3 performance is still acceptable, but I'm
> tired of trying to match up the magical versions.  3.6.5 works with
> MySQL 5.0, but whichever 3.6.x we used previously was awfully slow.
> With MySQL 4.0, the older RT3 was quick.  I'm currently running on
> PostgreSQL 8.1, which is not quite as quick as MySQL 5.0 was, but
> doesn't seem to need the "right" release of RT3 to work correctly.  *BLAH*
> To restore sanity permanently, I need to clean out the
> CachedGroupMembers (254475 rows), GroupMembers (87456 rows), Groups
> (95138 rows), Principals (110714 rows), and Users (15574 rows) tables.
> (ACLs, too?)
> I presume that people need to do this, and its been done before, but I
> can't find instructions on how to do so.  Is there something that I need
> to fix in order to use RTx-Shredder?  Is there a set of SQL commands
> that will delete users who aren't associated with tickets?  The farthest
> I've yet come is this query, which gives me the list of users who don't
> own tickets.  However, it doesn't include users who opened existing
> tickets, which it needs to, or other valid relations which should be
> preserved:
>   users.id,
>   users.name,
>   users.password,
>   users.comments,
>   users.emailaddress,
>   users.realname
> FROM users
> INNER JOIN principals ON users.id = principals.id
> LEFT JOIN tickets ON principals.id = tickets.Owner
> WHERE Tickets.id IS NULL;
> Any suggestions?
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