[rt-users] How to Configure RT with MS Exchange 2007

tariq.doukkali tariq.doukkali at autoform.de
Thu Nov 29 05:36:25 EST 2007


We have a RT-System working on a Linux-Suse 9.0, we use "courier" on a 
linux Maschine as Mail server. Until jet this configuration is working 
well !!!

On the maschine, where RT is working we konfigured the MTA through 
yast2. As IP-Adress for outgoing-mail server we given the local 
IP-Adress, because we have on the local maschie a postfix-server.

This postfix server is installed an configured as follows:

In the file /etc/postfix/maincf:
replayhost="IP-Adress of Courier-mail server"

Now we changed our mail server form courier to exchange 2007. I 
configured the IP adress of exchange server in the /etc/postfix/maincf 
as replayhost. This configuration dont works!!! the mail notification 
through RT dont works again !! ...

How cann I configure (Exchange, Postfix and RT) in order to have a 
working configuration ????

Best regards,

Emmanuel Lacour schrieb:
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 05:17:59PM +0100, tariq.doukkali wrote:
>> Hi,
>> how can I configure RT_Mailgate with MS Exchage 2007 ???
> On what OS is you're RT? (windows, Unix)
> If you're RT is on a Unix box, just make an smtp transport in Exchange
> to your RT box for those email addresses, then configure an smtp like
> postfix on the RT box to handle those mails and deliver them via
> rt-mailgate.


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