[rt-users] Error with ACL?

Max Clark max.clark at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 14:14:39 EST 2007

> Why would it be considered a bug? Wouldn't the person making changes be
> a person of interest? Wouldn't any person of interest want to know what
> is going on about a ticket?

What has that have to do with the rights to ReplyToTicket? I am not
talking about Watcher, AdminCC, or CC privileges here. I am talking
about the right for a user to reply to a ticket and send
correspondence. To me ModifyTicket != ReplyToTicket just like it
shouldn't mean CommentOnTicket or DeleteTicket and that's why I
perceive this as a bug.

My permissions requirements for this Queue are straightforward. I need
to assign rights for a group to view, modify (reassign, move,
associate, close), and comment on a ticket. This should be
accomplished by setting CommentOnTicket, ModifyTicket, OwnTicket,
SeeQueue, ShowTicket, ShowTicketComments, StealTicket, TakeTicket,
Watch, and WatchAsAdminCc. What was discovered is that ModifyTicket
inherits ReplyToTicket rights which should not happen.


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