[rt-users] Create new User: assigned ldap value to custom user field is overwritten

Patterson, Craig crpatter at ci.grand-rapids.mi.us
Mon Sep 10 17:35:21 EDT 2007

I'm currently setting up RT 3.6.4 on a CentOs 5 box.  


Basically, when we create a new user, we simply type in the new users'
network id and click save.  We have overwritten CanonicalizeUserInfo and
Create in Users_Local to lookup the users data from ldap and set the
data in the proper fields.  Everything works fine with the exception of
a custom user field we assign a value to.  


Basically, what happens is the custom field value is assigned, then
immediately is overwritten by the value of the web page form, in our
case the value is blank.  I know this happens because if you look the
results widget (on the web page), you see the following entries...

User created

Streets and Sanitation is no longer a value for custom field Department


And if you look at the history, you'll see the following entries...

crpatter - User created

crpatter - Department Streets and Sanitation deleted


So it seems the following happens...

The user is created.

The custom field is manually assigned a value in our custom code.

The custom field value is overwritten by the normal RT procedure.  


I've searched through the wiki and the mailing list and can't find
anyone else who has encountered this problem.  Perhaps, there is a
better place to assign the custom field value?


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Craig Patterson

Application Developer/SDE Administrator

Northrop Grumman IT/City of Grand Rapids


crpatter at grcity.us


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