[rt-users] Filter on body

Machiel van Veen m.vanveen at franksolutions.nl
Tue Sep 11 11:39:02 EDT 2007


We use RT to recive generated email from automated systems. The user in this 
case is on the RT side of things handeling the tickets. 

I could of course have the automated systems send their mail to a specific 
address but that would make things a lot harder to administer. And if I can 
filter on the Subject, it must be possible to filter on the contents of the 
message too(?). 

Best regards,

Machiel van Veen

On Tuesday 11 September 2007 17:30, Patterson, Craig wrote:
> Not to change directions on you, but you could set up an email address
> for each of your queues, then use rt-mailgate and /etc/aliases to create
> tickets from those emails in the appropriate appropriate queues.  There
> are directions on how to do this in the rt_essentials book, the mailing
> list, the readme, and the wiki
> It seems to me that in order to successfully filter the emails, you
> would have to train your users to put keywords in the email body.  It
> would probably be a lot easier to just train them to send their requests
> to the appropriate email address, ie networkqueue at helpdesk.com, etc.

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