[rt-users] Slow Load time for Query Builder

Ole Craig ocraig at stillsecure.com
Mon Sep 17 15:50:11 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 15:28 -0400, Adam Savage wrote:
> Hi – I’m not sure if this can be answered but whenever I click on
> “Tickets” and it loads the query builder it takes a while to load –
> Much longer than any other options in the system.. 

> I’m running on a HP Proliant DL365 with Fedora 7 64bit and 72gig
> ultra320 15krpm mirrored Raid1+0 drives. So the hardware performance
> shouldn’t be the bottleneck I would assume.

> Are there any enhancements I can make to RT to make the loadtime of
> the query builder faster?

Adam -
    What rights have you given to RT's large system groups? ("Everyone"
and "Privileged" are the beasts of which I speak.)

    This comes up fairly often on the list, and the usual cause is that
the RT group "Everyone" has the "OwnTicket" right. Because the Query
Builder includes a drop-down select for "Owner", RT may be building (and
your browser is rendering) a potentially enormous piece of HTML to
populate that dropdown. 

    If you've given "Everyone" or even just the "Privileged" group
global rights to own tickets, try removing that right and assigning it
only to the group of people within your organization who will actually
be working on tickets.


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