[rt-users] Template errors.

Chris Nelson cnelson at nighthawkrad.net
Fri Sep 21 19:01:51 EDT 2007

Greetings, List.

I've *almost* got the approval process down the way my boss wants it, 
and I'm in the process now of going through and finding any quirks in my 
scrips/templates and logic.  One of the things that I can't quite track 
down is this error:

[Fri Sep 21 22:53:51 2007] [error]: error:    couldn't parse head; error 
Greetings, (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/Template_Overlay.pm:336)

Template is this:

===Create-Ticket: MgrApprovalNeeded
RT-Attach-Message: Yes
Subject: Manager approval of ticket needed.
Depended-On-By: TOP
Queue: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}
type: approval
timeworked: 1
AdminCc: {
   my $group_name  = 'IT Change Control Committee';
   my $groups      = RT::Groups->new( $RT::SystemUser );

         'FIELD'    => 'Name',
         'OPERATOR' => '=',
         'VALUE'    => $group_name );

A new ticket has been submitted for approval with a subject of: 
{$Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject || "(No subject given)"}

Please visit {$RT::WebURL}Approvals/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id}
to approve or reject this ticket, or {$RT::WebURL}Approvals/ to
batch-process all your pending approvals.

Alternatively, you may reply to this email if you have any comments.

The ticket details are as follows:

[{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id()}]
Assigned to: {$Ticket->OwnerObj->RealName || $Ticket->OwnerObj->Name}
      Queue: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}
    Subject: {$Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject || "(No subject 
 Requestors: {$Ticket->RequestorAddresses}
     Status: {$Ticket->Status}
Ticket <URL: {$RT::WebURL}Ticket/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id} >

Ticket details:

Please reply to this email if you would like to add correspondence to 
this ticket.

Thank you,

NRS Request Tracker

   __--__  __--__  
_--     _--_     --_
 Radiology Services

Thanks, I appreciate any help.

Chris Nelson
CDA Unix Administrator
NightHawk Radiology Services
250 Northwest Blvd. #206
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814

208.415.0588 (Office)
509.294.1835 (Cell)
208.664.2720 (Fax)
cnelson at nighthawkrad.net (email)
http://www.nighthawkrad.net (Web)

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