[rt-users] How could I do this scrip

Gene LeDuc gleduc at mail.sdsu.edu
Tue Sep 25 11:36:48 EDT 2007

I'm not sure if this answers your question, but you can get the Creator 
e-mail address like this:

my $CreatorAddress = $self->TicketObj->CreatorObj->EmailAddress();


At 01:02 AM 9/25/2007, Dummy cerberus wrote:
>I'm working to show RT to upper management, because I want we to move
>from old legacy issue tracking app to RT.
>Now I'm receiving issues created at the legacy application from a
>generic mail account issuetracking at mydomain.
>I'm writing a scrip to be applied on create at the main queue of RT:
>it has to take the email of the real requestor and change it on the RT
>I've found $self->TicketObj->Creator to be the key field... but it is
>a numeric value, and I have the email account of the creator...
>moreover, most of the users aren't in DB, since they are supposed to
>authenticate from LDAP and they haven't logged in the system...
>How could I achieve this taks?
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