[rt-users] Enhancements and workflows that we have added

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Tue Apr 1 12:24:48 EDT 2008


	We are VERY interested in what you have developed. Whether or not you 
post to the list, please send us what you have. It will be extremely 
appreciated. Also, do you have anything that increases the box size of a 
free-test CF?. Thanks in advance.


On 3/31/2008 4:54 PM, Aaron Sallade wrote:
> Just in case these are of interest to anyone else-
> Added a scrip and template that adds a reply to a DependedOnBy Parent
> ticket when the child is resolved. Resolving a sub task (child) will add
> a comment to the parent noting that the prerequisite is now complete, it
> will also email the owner of the parent task.
> Set the Row count of custom fields by type and or customfield ID. In our
> implementation, single select boxes have a row height of 1 (making them
> a drop down box) and text areas have a row height of 6, and a specific
> multi select is set to 7 so that no scrolling is needed to view its
> options.
> Default values on custom fields. We modified the code so that the
> "description" field in the custom field admin screen is used for the
> default value of that custom field. This works regardless of the field
> type, so for text, select boxes etc. 
> Altered Priority and Aging. We modified aging so that it ages towards
> Starts instead of Due. We also made it so that priority will increase by
> 1 for each day past the start date until it is resolved. Tickets with no
> start date age with a priority increase of 1 per day.
> We modified the "Timeline" module to use Start Date and Due Date as
> opposed to Created and Resolved. This is more appropriate for project
> management. We also added more verbose titles to the timeline items,
> including ticket #'s. This creates a Project Management Gantt style
> chart off of any search results where the tickets have at least a Starts
> Date.
> Most of these are mods/hacks to the source code that we overlayed in the
> /local folder. If anyone is interested in the details I will post them
> to the list.
> -Aaron
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