[rt-users] How can customer (requester) set the priority of tickets.

Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Thu Apr 3 13:29:46 EDT 2008


	The only way I know of to allow a "requestor" to see what is on their 
ticket is to grant "SeeQueue" and "ShowTicket" globally to the role 
"Requestor". As to modifying a ticket. Well, We usually don't let anyone 
do that to a ticket except the owner, but if you wanted to do that, then 
also grant "ModifyTicket" globally to the role "Requestor" as well. The 
only drawback to the last right is that granting the "ModifyTicket" 
right means the requestor can modify a BUNCH of other fields. We got 
around that by creating a Custom Field named "Need-By Date" to all 
tickets, set the format to only allow mm/dd/yyyy and then granted the 
"ModifyCustomField" and "SeeCustomField" rights to the user-defined 
groups that contain a sub-set of customers that are allowed to be 
requestors for a particular queue (we have over 75 support-specific 
queues). Hope this helps.


On 4/3/2008 1:47 AM, Armaghan Saqib wrote:
> We allow our customers to keep sending their requirements as new 
> tickets. Some times we need to prioritize the work of a specific 
> customer and ask customer to let us know his/her priorities.
> Is it possible that the customer who is requester can login to the self 
> service interface and update the relative priority of his tickets?
> Is there some other way this can be accomplished.
> Thanks and regards
> Armaghan

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