[rt-users] New install (second chance)

Barry Byrne barry.byrne at wbtsystems.com
Thu Apr 3 14:41:46 EDT 2008


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> How do I recompile all perl modules needed by RT ?
> I just removed everything and reinstalled LAMP.
> Now I need to recompile all perl modules with the versions of apache,
> and mysql installed.
> Thanks


Firstly, I don't think you'll have to recompile all your modules. If my
suggestion was right about the DBD:Mysql module being compiled against the
wrong libraries, then you'll probably only need to recompile this one.
However, I don't know that for certain, just what I found from googling,
your error. So this could be completely unnecessary.

I can't say exactly how to compile it on your system, as I've no idea how it
was installed (packages, source, initial distribution, etc.) and I don't
have a redhat box to check on the setup, but it's probably something like:

cd /source/dir/for/module
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

You should also read the README file in the directory, and read the output

perl Makefile.PL --help

If there are more than one set of MySQL client libraries on the system, you
may have to point it at the correct ones, but with a bit of luck it should

Personally, I use FreeBSD primarily, so I'm flying blind in my suggestions
for use on Redhat/Centos, but hopefully, someone will correct me if I'm

 - Barry

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