[rt-users] Log file dates are off.

Mark Fraser mpfraser at mynetstream.com
Fri Apr 4 10:37:22 EDT 2008

I just recently installed RT 3.6.6 on a fresh/clean load Linux system. I
have noticed that the logs going into the /var/log/rt3/rt.log file have
times that are 6 hours later than the RT logs going into my
/var/log.messages log file. Here is a cut from my RT_Config.pm file:

# $Timezone is used to convert times entered by users into GMT and back
# It should be set to a timezone recognized by your local unix box.
Set($Timezone , 'US/Eastern');

I have not changed this ever, so it appears that RT is treating the time as
being GMT.

Mark P. Fraser
Visit us at http://www.mynetstream.com/

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