[rt-users] Intergration with LDAP

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Wed Apr 9 11:20:11 EDT 2008

Nelson Pereira wrote:
> Got it working.... Thanks Mike...
> A question I have, can I deleted the section about the My_MySQL? Or does
> the script need that section also?

As per the long e-mail last night, since you are not using an External 
MySQL-based Authentication service, that example config is irrelevant 
and it should be removed.

> And the 2 settings for groups, how does this work?
> # Does authentication depend on group membership? What group name?
>        'group'                     =>  '',
> # What is the attribute for the group object that determines membership?
>        'group_attr'                =>  '',
> What should I put for those 2 settings?

As per the long e-mail last night, if you are restricting access to RT 
to members of a specific group that's in your LDAP server, then you need 
to put the group details in there.

If you're not doing that (and you are almost certainly not) then you 
must remove both of those options from the config.
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