[rt-users] imports with the offline tool not taking resolved date

Aaron Sallade asallade at PTSOWA.ORG
Wed Apr 9 12:29:55 EDT 2008

I hacked the CreateTicket code. At the end of the subroutine it updates
dependencies for any links specified in the import template, then sets
the Status a second time. It does this because there may be unresolved
dependencies. Since none of the tickets we are importing have
dependencies, I commented out the second Status update in that section.

We now have Status = resolved  and a Resolved date that is correct (not
== Now())

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Stephen, Aaron,

	You could also just import them into a special queue (or have
other way of identifying them), then run a bulk update on them. After 
that, you could put them wherever you want. That might be easier than 
creating, testing, and then disableiing a scrip.


On 4/9/2008 6:25 AM, Stephen Turner wrote:
> At Tuesday 4/8/2008 07:29 PM, Aaron Sallade wrote:
>> The offline tool sets the Closed/Resolved timestamp to Now, instead 
>> of taking the value from the import file. Any known work arounds?
> This is happening for tickets marked 'resolved' in the import file, 
> right? It appears that RT will set the resolved date to Now when it 
> sets the status to resolved, overriding any value you specify in the
> We came up with a kludgey workaround, but it's only good if a) this 
> is a one-time load process, not a regular event, and b) you don't use 
> the ticket Starts date for anything.
> Anyway, what we did is:
> - In the upload file, put the 'resolved' date in the Starts field
> instead of Resolved.
> - For each queue you are loading, create the following scrip:
>      - Condition: On Resolve
>      - Action: User Defined
>      - Template: Global template: Blank
>      In the scrip's  "Custom action preparation code:" box, put:
>         return 0 unless $self->TicketObj->Starts;
>      In the scrip's "Custom action cleanup code:" box, put:
>         $self->TicketObj->SetResolved($self->TicketObj->Starts);
>         $self->TicketObj->SetStarts(' ');
> So when these 'resolved' tickets are loaded, RT will first create then
> resolve them. When it resolves them, the scrip will cause it to
> update the resolved date to what you put in the Starts date. It will
> clear out the Starts date.
> As I say, this really is only useful for a one-time load, for a queue 
> that isn't "live" yet. You wouldn't want this scrip to be active when 
> you are working with tickets day-to-day.
> Steve
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