[rt-users] question about watchers

Nelson Pereira npereira at protus.com
Wed Apr 9 12:46:20 EDT 2008

Well, the way I'm thinking is we will only have 2 emails.
1 for approvals (this queue "Approval" is assigned to the Network
Services Manager and he approves work to be done, but I'm not there
1 for general support

Users or Agents send email to the general support email.
This get's put in the UnAssigned Queue.
All admins should get an email saying there is an new ticket created in
the UnAssigned queue.
An admin will assign the ticket to a specific queue.
The admin/s in charge of that specific queue, will get an email that
he/they have a ticket to work on.

Is this the right way to do this or is there a simpler way...?

We have to segregate queues per sections, and we have about 6 sections,
but I don't want 1 email per section...

Nelson Pereira

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	What's the difference between dumping all tickets from a
specific email 
address to an Unassigned (whatever that means) Queue to putting them in 
an assigned Queue? As to setting up notifications, that's should be 
relatively easy. There are plenty of example in RT: Essentials.


On 4/9/2008 9:07 AM, Nelson Pereira wrote:
> Not sure if this is the option I want, but here is what I need.
> I have all emails from a specific Email address going to an UnAssigned

> queue.
> I need to set this up so that when I ticket is created in this queue,
> send a notification to a group of privileged users.
> How could I do this?
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