[rt-users] Need help on an approval queue (coding custom action)

Nelson Pereira npereira at protus.com
Thu Apr 10 15:54:34 EDT 2008

Anyone can shed a light on how to do this?


My setup right now when someone sends an email to nschange, the ticket
gets created with owner nobody.

A second ticket gets created in the approval queue but with owner

I need this second ticket to be owned by a specific user, and the status
changed to open.


This has to be a custom action but I don't know what code to add ...?!?


It there a list of all RT objects and what they are?




Nelson Pereira


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Ok, I created an approval queue and need some special functions to


The workflow is like this:


1)       A network Services Admin sends an email which RT put's into the
approval queue.

2)       I have setup the script to create an approval ticket.

3)       Manager is to login and click on Approval link and approve the


The problem I'm seeing here is that the manager needs to click on the
original ticket the admin created, then click on the Link'ed approval
ticket created, 

Then take ownership and open the ticket. Then he needs to go to the
approval Link on top to approve the approval ticket...?!?


This is way to many steps....


So how can I make a newly created ticket in the Approval Queue, setup
ownership of that ticket to the requestor.

Then have RT create an approval ticket and setup the ownership to the
manager and change the status to opened.


This way, the manager will get an email saying an approval ticket is
opened, he will login, click on Approval Link and approve the ticket....






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