[rt-users] SOLVED? LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS error with 'ExternalAuth' extension

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Fri Apr 11 06:01:54 EDT 2008

Mike Peachey wrote:
> James Treleaven wrote:
>> The username/password pair that I specified in the script are fine,
>> however.  
> Everybody!! :
> This is the error message being returned by Net::LDAP when attempting to 
> bind to your AD server.

I'm feeling nice, so I'm going to code around this in v0.06

There will be a new config option called AllowExpiredPasswords or 
similar and if set to true it will consider LDAP_PP_PASSWORD_EXPIRED a 
successful bind, but log a warning that a user with an expired passsword 
has logged in.
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