[rt-users] help with ExtractCustomFieldValues

Chris Haumesser ch at awry.ws
Mon Apr 14 12:57:25 EDT 2008

Chris Haumesser <ch <at> awry.ws> writes:

> Ryan Fox <rfox <at> findlay.edu> wrote on 2006-01-10:
> > So it seems as though in a multipart message, the text/plain part does 
> > not get parsed by ExtractCustomFieldValues. 
> > My question now is, is there an easy way to make that happen?

> At any rate, it seems to me that the module is only checking the "first
> attachment" to the ticket (same as the first mimepart?  which equals just the
> headers on a multipart message?).  

I fixed this by modifying the module to iterate over all attachments, instead of
just matching against the first one.  My modified ExtractCustomFieldValues.pm
can be found at http://tinyurl.com/3kh37e.  Not extensively tested, so use at
your own risk.


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